Product use

Product use

I just washed my hair. Its best to work with your hair while it is wet.( You can use a spray bottle with only water to dampen your hair) I have 4c type hair its very coyly and soaks up all the moisture. I rub Jojoba oil all over my hair and detangle my hair. When I’m ready to twist I put a small amount of Shea butter into the palm of my hand and rub it into my sectioned off hair. I then take that section of hair and part it so i have one strand in each hand and begin to twist! at the ends is best to put curling rods so that the ends of your hair do not frizz as you take them out the next day.

Two strand twist (easy)

Two strand twist (easy)

Depending on how many twists I want I usually just part down the middle and across in the middle and decided how big i want my twists from there. Some people like to have more on one side of the head than the other like a bang, thats fine too you just have to see what your hair likes to do.

my inspiration

I love hair,smooth skin and makeup. Its fun,  beautiful and therapeutic. I believe we all should be comfortable in our own skin and hair even our bodies. I am a young African-American woman and I decided to start a blog because I began going natural about 3 years ago. My natural hair journey has had its ups and downs but it is a fun journey. I love my natural hair and I wanted to make a point to help other woman who decide to go natural and help the make the choice to go natural and discover the world of loving everything that you are born with. All hair types are beautiful silky straight to nappy coyly curls. This is my first blog and Im excited to share all of my ideas with you I appreciate all the questions and support! lovepeacehair ALL SMILES HERE 😀