Happy New year!! I told my self I would not go back to straightening my hair. HAHHAHA, guess what I did??

But I like it!! I dont relax my hair. Just blow out and straighten about every other day. The thing is thought, I dont really care. Hair is hair, and I try to keep my hair natural but I also want to be neat and clean looking for my jobs. Either way, my personality shines through and through and I dont need hair at all.. I cant wait to cut it all off! someday…maybe.. I dont know.. eek


MY results

Im not particularly happy with this weeks turn out of my Two Strand twists. For me I can wear it like this, Id like it to be much curlier but Im always in a rush to get to bed otherwise … Continue reading

The Basics

This picture shows all of the main products that I use on my natural hair. I believe that everyone going natural or with any hair type should have some kind of hair regimen. Having healthy looking hair is awesome but having ACTUAL healthy hair is even better!! I’m a young African-American woman and I have been going natural for over 3 years, and so far I love it! Despite all the trails and errors and those days where I just feel like I look crazy. For me going natural has been an adventure and worth it. I always use to relax my hair and I could never get it to grow as long as it is now. Sooner than later I will post pictures from my relaxed hair, big chop and how it looks now! I wanted to share with you the basic things you will need to take care of your natural hair. One thing that I did forget to add into my picture is a satin cap or scarf to wear at night. I actually purchased a satin pillow case cover so I can just jump right into bed! The satin pillow case cover is not always ideal if you are trying to keep your hair flat for the next day or keep a style neat until morning. Id love to answer questions or know what you use for your daily routines! Don’t worry I’m open-minded and I like to learn how people maintain there perm or relaxed hair styles as well. LOVE.PEACE.HAIR

These are the products that I use almost daily.

These are the products that I use almost daily.

my inspiration

I love hair,smooth skin and makeup. Its fun,  beautiful and therapeutic. I believe we all should be comfortable in our own skin and hair even our bodies. I am a young African-American woman and I decided to start a blog because I began going natural about 3 years ago. My natural hair journey has had its ups and downs but it is a fun journey. I love my natural hair and I wanted to make a point to help other woman who decide to go natural and help the make the choice to go natural and discover the world of loving everything that you are born with. All hair types are beautiful silky straight to nappy coyly curls. This is my first blog and Im excited to share all of my ideas with you I appreciate all the questions and support! lovepeacehair ALL SMILES HERE 😀