Happy New year!! I told my self I would not go back to straightening my hair. HAHHAHA, guess what I did??

But I like it!! I dont relax my hair. Just blow out and straighten about every other day. The thing is thought, I dont really care. Hair is hair, and I try to keep my hair natural but I also want to be neat and clean looking for my jobs. Either way, my personality shines through and through and I dont need hair at all.. I cant wait to cut it all off! someday…maybe.. I dont know.. eek

2 thoughts on “New HAIR?”

  1. As you well said… Hair is hair. But you can use it as way to express yourself. If you are looking for a job, you probably don’t want to work for a place that doesn’t appreciate its natural state. If you decided to cut it, they will grow back!

    1. hey thanks for the comment! you are correct! I always want to keep myself around an open minded community/company and group of friends! next week I will post a pic of my current hair style! I would also like to see how you express yourself through hair!!

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